what attracts you most???  

sam197pulsar 31M  
1773 posts
1/2/2018 12:54 am
what attracts you most???

what attracts you most???
voice and personality
face and body
wealth and power

Have a wonderful day

fashionablegma 75F  
4859 posts
4/11/2018 9:39 pm

Attraction first and foremost,thenpersonality,sometimes humour,depends what I need him for

open2explore3 55F  
27 posts
4/1/2018 6:18 pm

A pretty face, fit body , well hung And he can’t b3 an asshole

sensuallover181 69M
16 posts
2/7/2018 3:27 pm

i need to be able to kiss her while i'm fucking her

youngmanlooking1 47M
10 posts
1/23/2018 3:24 am

Face body big tits or a big cock is always a turn on for me .

sam197pulsar replies on 1/26/2018 12:21 am:

phoebered 60F
25 posts
1/13/2018 6:12 pm

Attraction? Looks & face.
Real interest? Has to be personality.

sam197pulsar replies on 1/19/2018 5:18 am:

secret_bf 24M
32 posts
1/11/2018 11:53 pm


sam197pulsar replies on 1/19/2018 5:18 am:

playtoy484 55M
103 posts
1/11/2018 11:14 am

a womens walk and jiggle i love

sam197pulsar replies on 1/19/2018 5:19 am:
Not good

cecilomo 65M
24 posts
1/11/2018 8:47 am

only 1 chance to make first impression , overall shape walking away or towards me

sam197pulsar replies on 1/19/2018 5:19 am:

yumehole 52F  
18 posts
1/11/2018 8:29 am

For me personality and connection, but a nice big cock goes a long way.

toy20666 61M  
79 posts
1/11/2018 7:57 am

To me , face and body really turn me on. I am one who love legs

sam197pulsar replies on 1/19/2018 5:20 am:
You me chicken legs

UrbanMale7 68M  
435 posts
1/11/2018 6:01 am

How she dresses - takes pride in her appearance and for me.... beautiful pedicured feet and painted toes .. to die for!

sam197pulsar replies on 1/19/2018 5:20 am:
Lol die

Coasterfan1969 49M  
102 posts
1/10/2018 6:43 am

Personality is most important, too me. because it creates the avenue for chemistry.

boxhead12345678 51M

1/8/2018 3:06 pm

A woman's back, attitude, sensualness and kindness.

sam197pulsar replies on 1/19/2018 5:21 am:

hopeingforfun 65M  
140 posts
1/8/2018 2:21 pm

I love a sexy lady with a great personality!!

sam197pulsar replies on 1/19/2018 5:22 am:
Not bad

playtoy484 55M
103 posts
1/8/2018 11:44 am

i love a womens shape... i love how her panties outine her bottom

sam197pulsar replies on 1/19/2018 5:22 am:
You lik wearing them isn't?

Scorpette 47F  
81 posts
1/7/2018 9:49 pm

    Quoting idblueswoman:
    Can't vote, not enough choices. Or perhaps not the right ones. Personality hands down. I met one person last year. Didn't exchange photos (his deal not mine) and while our exchanges really captured my interest (namely political as I do enjoy that kind of banter), but when we met face to face, I was sorely disappointed in this mans looks and it wasn't something I could get over.
I have to agree with the situation you mentioned. I never claim to be anything special, but I do believe in the attraction factor. From this site in my early moments I started messaging with someone. While I’ve always had a pic, he didn’t. His comment was something to the effect of not one to run home to mom about. Anyway.. conversely and personality we clicked.. but when we met.. oh hell no.. I,felt bad because I bailed and it made me accept the fact that even I am superficial to a point. But it isn’t a be all to end all. Just as well, while someone may have the body, they may not have the face...

RinoHornPlesur 51M
25 posts
1/7/2018 6:00 pm

Some claim it to be looks?Maybe initially looks do help.But I have got to tell Ya some of the most drop dead gorgeous ladies I have ever spoken to have became the most ugly cunt's in the world after 3 minutes of speaking to them.Have had it happen to and average lookin woman as well but, I have also had some average ladies become the most beautiful persons I have ever meet after 5 minutes of conversation!As well some way hot ones just sparkle even more as well.....So in the end any wet hole may do for some if it is attached to a hot body.But not to this fella

jc_powerman 57M  
26 posts
1/7/2018 1:19 pm

It depends on the woman . It maybe an single thing or a multiple of things.

sam197pulsar replies on 1/19/2018 5:23 am:
You have nothing in your brains

xSexyBoricuax 41F  
8 posts
1/7/2018 2:45 am

Face and body but an awesome personality is very important too! That would make the total package!

krisiswolfzeta 38M/38F  
22 posts
1/6/2018 4:35 pm

Tough. Personality is huge. However without physical attraction you will just be friends. So really need a little of both.

shouldbewithu2 64M  
50 posts
1/6/2018 8:35 am

A nice butt is best

sam197pulsar replies on 1/19/2018 5:24 am:

Lynnpenn84 34F  
96 posts
1/6/2018 12:37 am

Love smiles an humor also!

sam197pulsar replies on 1/19/2018 5:24 am:

LonelymwmNSC 64M  
24 posts
1/5/2018 11:12 am

without a good personality it is just plain sex but to have sex with someone who has the personality you like makes for great sex

sam197pulsar replies on 1/19/2018 5:25 am:
No idea

cumboi65 66M  
912 posts
1/5/2018 9:39 am

If he has a sexy voice and a great personality, I'll melt in his arms.

sam197pulsar replies on 1/19/2018 5:26 am:

brandygirasol 49T
673 posts
1/5/2018 5:36 am

Big Hairy Masculine Men Who Like Sexually Using Me Like A CHICK

blkcpl4her 41M/40F  
1 post
1/4/2018 10:02 pm

There has to be a physical attraction first, and then you might like their personality.

sam197pulsar replies on 1/19/2018 5:27 am:
Opposite attract

milesdeep13905 56M
597 posts
1/4/2018 7:24 pm

I vote voice and personality . But voice and body do it for me more .

eager4unow 61M  
1427 posts
1/4/2018 6:18 pm

-I voted for face and body but personality is a close second....

s2ndegree 59M  
7884 posts
1/4/2018 12:13 pm

Easily voice and personality.

Using more than all the road!

sam197pulsar replies on 1/26/2018 12:22 am:

tyrantcapri 45M
15 posts
1/4/2018 6:48 am

obviously visual stimulation (face and body) gets your attention, if u can get a quickie and move on then nothing else matters, that's another notch for your gun....but personality holds your attention, wealth and power cements it....

throatscock 62M  
256 posts
1/4/2018 6:15 am

Anyone can have a body, my vote is for wealth and power. Now that's a turn on !

lovethestick 73M
416 posts
1/4/2018 5:52 am

I'm Bisexual, I just like a face and body . And a straight married guy. When I see tough looking straight guys I just want to get down on them and get them off.

JohnInNebraska 58M
48 posts
1/4/2018 3:14 am

Looks first then voice and personality

StangCobra 57M  
147 posts
1/4/2018 2:32 am

first attraction is physical, face and body. To keep me attracted is mind, humor and interests.

idblueswoman 59F  
393 posts
1/3/2018 7:47 pm

I just checked the result and I see "face and body" are in the lead. Interesting.

idblueswoman 59F  
393 posts
1/3/2018 7:45 pm

Can't vote, not enough choices. Or perhaps not the right ones. Personality hands down. I met one person last year. Didn't exchange photos (his deal not mine) and while our exchanges really captured my interest (namely political as I do enjoy that kind of banter), but when we met face to face, I was sorely disappointed in this mans looks and it wasn't something I could get over.

BiJack55 68M
114 posts
1/3/2018 2:05 pm

Eyes, personality, body.

fkmeallnitelong9 48F  
928 posts
1/3/2018 11:36 am

wow....I guess I am a mix of your answers

1982CamBoy 35M  
21 posts
1/3/2018 11:23 am

Voice and personality first, but there also must be an attraction to the body.

author51 55F  
58710 posts
1/3/2018 5:09 am

I also said voice and personality....

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

sam197pulsar replies on 1/26/2018 12:23 am:

scar1029face 37M
76 posts
1/2/2018 8:39 am

I would say in most cases the face and body creates the first attraction then other things make you stick around.

sam197pulsar replies on 1/26/2018 12:25 am:

chris1124x 38M
19 posts
1/2/2018 5:27 am


Readmoreofeveryt 45F
1715 posts
1/2/2018 5:23 am

Face n body then voice and personality never wealth and power those two turn me off because they usually come attached to complete assholes and bitches that think they are god and they can do whatever they want n that rules don't apply to them and they expect everyone to kiss their ass but I won't. They can kiss mine!!! If face and body don't do it for me there is a chance their personality will and there could be great chemistry the minute we touch or kiss. It has happened!

sam197pulsar replies on 1/26/2018 12:24 am:

Jostam50 42M
27 posts
1/2/2018 4:06 am

voice and personality for sure

nu2thisworld00 49M  
128 posts
1/2/2018 2:27 am

Initially i would truthfully say face and body because that is, in most cases your first interaction but personality keeps you interested.

sam197pulsar 31M  
1302 posts
1/2/2018 12:55 am

voice and personality

Have a wonderful day

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